Margaret McMullan

My very first author meet up was Ms. Margaret McMullen!

It’s kind of funny how I’m doing this out of order, but it’s okay! 🙂

On September 30, 2017, I was able to meet Margaret McMullen during a Creative Writing workshop at SJSU. I personally have never read her books, but I was intrigued by the stories she had to tell about her adventure to become an author. She recalls retracing her mother’s escape route as she fled the Holocaust in order to be able to get into character for her stories.

While I am not yet able to travel the world by myself, I admire her technique of living out what my characters need to live out first before writing it. It would really help me be able to describe the setting, the feelings, and the thoughts that my characters would be having at that time.

I am yet to read McMullen’s books, but I am excited for the day that I will! 🙂

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