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Hi everyone!!!

I am incredibly excited to give you this news!!!

My amazing editor, Keith Dinh, just published his first anthology on Amazon!!! XD It holds poems written by local high school students and staff, and it’s just the most amazing book of poems I’ve ever seen! A lot of work was put into this, including endless nights of staying up late for Keith, but it was all worth it!

All the poems within the anthology hold the secret feelings of people being… well, people. There are many eye-opening stories and heartfelt words… I feel like many people would be able to relate with these dear poets, and I’m really glad that this anthology has become a blessing to not just the readers, but the poets themselves as well.

WARNING: There is given proof that some of these poems have made readers emotional, so please give your support and leave ratings/reviews on Amazon in order to make this book a blessing for more people, too! 🙂

Click on the image to visit the Amazon page to purchase the book! Be on the lookout for the next few volumes of The Heartbeat of Pen and Paper! 🙂


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