“Hello, Planets!”

The day has come! The collaboration with my kindergarten teacher, Mr. Lee, is finished!

“Hello, Planets!” is a children’s book for young elementary students, guiding them in an exploration through space! Learn about the planets (including the ex-planet Pluto)! XD

It was such an honor working with Mr. Lee! He has had a huge impact on my life, especially early on as my kindergarten teacher, and I enjoyed making the illustrations — it’s a super cute story! We had to make do due to quarantine season, but it was still such a memorable moment nonetheless! Zoom pictures are still pictures, right? XD

Check out the My Books tab for more information as well as the link to the Amazon page! Thank you so much for your support! 🙂

And yes, I am working on new stories in the making (both novel and children’s book)! Keep an eye out! 🙂


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