Spring Happenings

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late update… February has been a hectic month.

Winter is almost over…. That means it’s almost spring. The season for hot cocoa, warmth, comfort, and Christmas is over. We’re moving into a time of change, flower blossoms, rain, and new life.

These past few months have definitely been difficult for me. I’ve been experiencing personal loss, discomfort, and the harsh sides of modern culture, which has been very eye-opening for me. Every time, I’ve wondered, ‘Why now? Why me right now?’ But every time, I’m also incredibly grateful to God for his grace and reassurance as I walk through those trials to emerge as someone who would be a better representation of His boldness and love. I’m still in this period of struggle, but I’m encouraged by the reminder: God is good.

Now, for some good news! As you guys might know, I’m currently working on not ONE, but TWO projects! 🙂 One of them is a novel, which I will update you guys more on soon, and the other is a children’s book! Introducing, The Cloud Princess!

The Cloud Princess is a story about a… princess in the clouds. XD I first wrote this story in seventh grade on a whim. I had the sudden urge to free write, and ta-da! This story was born! I’m pretty sure that God sent it to me back then, since I barely had to revise the story to make details match. XD I perfected it sophomore year in Spanish class, and now, I’m excited to release it to the world! Keep an eye out! 😉

I apologize, I’ve been wanting to publish these stories sooner, but as I’m sure is the same for many of you, life throws its curveballs and busyness makes time fly by faster than you expected.

I hope everyone has been doing well and staying safe! Look for the blessings, no matter how hard your life may seem. God is in control!

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