Long time no see!

Hello everyone!

Wow…. it really has been a while…. Super sorry!

I admit, I have been on hiatus (unintentionally) because of school, but now that it’s summer, I am STILL on hiatus because of vacations, graduations (congrats, class of 2022~), and summer classes (sorry….) I know I said the book will come out sometime this year. There is still half of 2022, so LET’S KEEP PRAYING!

Still, my stories haven’t left my mind, so I thought I’d share some thoughts.

Even though I haven’t worked on my story in a while, my mind keeps brainstorming. I’ve recently finished a duology, called The Blood of Stars by Elizabeth Lim. Book 1 is Spin the Dawn, and I read this duology in Hawaii! 😀 I haven’t read a fiction book in SO LONG and it was such a great way to kick back and let my imagination roam free as it always had before. I especially love how this book incorporates Chinese culture in a world that is not explicitly China — I aspire to be able to do this.

Other thoughts on my mind…. language is amazing. There is so much I want to learn, so little time in the day! I have so many dreams, goals, and aspirations, I don’t know where to start and I end up just doing nothing. Still, I’m doing my best to try to make time to explore what I love and try new things! I’ve recently discovered a lot about myself in terms of what draws me towards certain hobbies and what I like. It really surprised me how I’m still learning about myself every day!

To those who are going through a tough time, I have some thoughts to share with you as well. It’s my tendency to keep to myself if I have things to bury, things to forget. I enclose myself by keeping my hands busy, my mind working. It’s okay. Take the time you need. If you feel confused about what is happening, “He knows how to make your pieces fit” (Pieces by Meredith Andrews) even if you’re not sure how or why you shattered in the first place. I’ve come to listen to these two songs when I’m going through a tough time: Pieces by Meredith Andrews, Run to the Father by Cody Carnes. Meredith Andrews has lots of great songs that really speak to the heart. I hope she encourages you as well!

Final thoughts: As you can see, I’ve done a lot of reflecting recently, and this is just a teeeeeeeeeny bit of it. Thank you for reading til now! I chose the photo I took of the sky because the sky and the water blended until the horizon was just a li’l smudge. You can’t tell where the water ends and where the sky begins, and I think it’s so beautiful. The clouds look like patches of ice! Not meant to be deep (although it very well could be), just something beautiful and awe-inspiring. I love the sky T_T

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