2023 Updates

Hello readers!

Ahaha… as usual, it’s been a while! Unfortunately, 2022 passed and there was nothing new to publish from me, sorry! I promise, I’m still working on the story! Winter break has been an amazing time of rest, which means I was able to work on the story! Maybe 2023 will be the year!

With a new year comes a new set of reflections! Honestly, I’ve learned to look forward and be excited for what’s ahead. God takes away the old and brings the new. The old may be things you never wanted to let go of, but He always has better things planned for you. 2023 will bring many new blessings and joys, and all I need to do is rejoice in the Lord, no matter if I’m on the highest mountain or lowest valley.

Something exciting to share is that I joined TAUG, a Christian, student-run magazine at UC Berkeley, focused on fostering philosophical and theological conversation among students! I absolutely adore their content, and it’s really helped me grow in my understand of other people and faith. Here is their website, please take a look!


Other than that, I’ve been able to dive back into time-consuming hobbies that I finally had time for over break! Some of these include cross-stitching, decorating, language-learning… mainly artsy things, I’ve realized. God has instilled in every one of us the ability to create, whether that be through art, writing, music, relationship, sports… More and more I see the creative spirit manifesting in more than just drawing. Dancing has increasingly become a bigger part of my life, and even in something technical like computer science, the creative spirit is there. So if you’re not super “artsy”, that does not mean you’re not creative! Find your alleyway and grow! God will use it tremendously to bless someone!

In summary, I am grateful for everything that has happened and I look forward to the bright futures ahead. I declare that 2023 will be a year of breakthrough, and I bless it to overflow with the Lord’s love and favor!


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