Wildfire’s Twin

In the Fire Tribe of the Terrenian Islands, Rina Flameton lives in the shadow of her older twin sister. The pressure of having to live up to her sister’s name is shattered when Rina begins to deal with shame and disappointment as she struggles with her newfound Talent.

When two hundred children are abducted from the Terrenian Islands, one of them being Rina’s twin, the queen appoints Rina and her friends to go and rescue them. Now, Rina has a chance to prove her worth not just to her family, but to the entire nation. But what is a shadow supposed to do? It’s not time to step out into the light, is it?

Tsunami’s Scars

“Meet me at the third Stone in one week…” Rina Flameton returns to the Islands with a new determination to repair things between her family. Meanwhile, Zin’s life is endangered, hurting Rina more than anything she’d experienced before.

As things progress, Rina and her team are sent to negotiate with Ivoria where both sides could possibly benefit. They’re unsure what to expect. What is Ivoria up to? Why did they have to meet her? What is her plan? Worst of all… what if Ivoria decides to attack the Islands while the team is gone?

Snapdragon’s Bond

In the final book of the Wildfire’s Twin series, the Terrenians scramble to restore peace to their nation.  

Everyone is on the run, but Ivoria’s grand plan has yet to take place, and it seems like she would do everything she can to make sure it happens. She has a few more tricks up her sleeves, a few more hidden cards to play, and everyone knows it. Derrik and Thora’s scroll seems to be a key in this whole ordeal, but no one can seem to figure out exactly how much weight it has. What will the team do if the weakening Snapdragon Bond fails?