My dream of becoming a published writer wouldn’t have been possible without my family. I deeply thank my parents for not letting me give up on my dream of writing, and I thank my sisters for always supporting me and making me laugh whenever it was hard to continue writing. I thank my dog for always sitting and lying next to me whenever I’m working later in the night to keep me company.

I thank my editor for always being a continuous blessing and for supplying me with ideas when writer’s block was at its worst. His ability to make me laugh and all our experiences together make writing so much more fun and enjoyable! 🙂

I also thank my friends for asking questions and looking for ways to support and encourage me. I can always rely on my friends, family, and loved ones for encouragement whenever writer’s block gets the better of me.

And I’d also like to thank my English teachers for their amazing assignments that let me explore my writing capabilities further. Thank you for being someone I can ask help from and for giving me the idea to keep a blog of my posts, progress, and inspirations. I really enjoy everything that I’ve created in your classes, and I plan to continue them in the future.

Finally, thank you, God, for being the one who supplies all of my ideas and my passion for writing. None of this would have been created if it wasn’t for You. Thank you! 🙂