There are many things that inspire me to write, and it changes with time, but one of the main sources of inspiration that has remained constant for me is books. Stories that have been written by other authors inspire me to do the same. Whenever I read a book that I end up enjoying, I would pinpoint exactly what makes it my newest favorite book, take note of it, and figure out a way to incorporate it into my own writing.

Other sources of inspiration are dramas and movies. On weekends, I enjoy watching Korean dramas with my family, and I would always be amazed at how much emotion the actors could make the readers feel. I want to be able to have my stories impact my readers in the same way, so I take elements from dramas and movies and try to add them to my own stories so readers would be able to feel more engaged in the story as they read.

Cherry blossoms interest me the most

Once in a while, the scenery would give me ideas for settings in my stories, but I would not model my settings completely on a single scenery. I tend to mix sceneries from different places into one.