“Hello, Planets!”

The day has come! The collaboration with my kindergarten teacher, Mr. Lee, is finished! “Hello, Planets!” is a children’s book for young elementary students, guiding them in an exploration through space! Learn about the planets (including the ex-planet Pluto)! XD It was such an honor working with Mr. Lee! He has had a huge impact … More “Hello, Planets!”


Hi everyone! It’s been about a month since I last updated. I’m glad to announce that a project I’ve been collaborating with my kindergarten teacher on is complete! I’ve finished the drawings, and all that’s left is to publish! Keep an eye out! 🙂 On top of that, I was busy with many screenwriting projects, … More Summertime!

Quarantine Updates

Hi everyone! I apologize for not updating in months… so much has been happening! The rush of schooling was just the start before the quarantine and shelter-in-place orders came. I’ve been keeping myself busy, so there hasn’t been a boring moment during this time. First off, my siblings and I arranged a dinner-making schedule so … More Quarantine Updates


Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve updated…. Sorry for such the long wait — it’s been a busy few months…. BUT! I come with breaking news! Book 3 of Wildfire’s Twin will be released soon! Many thanks to my amazing editor Keith Dinh for the beautiful ad! 🙂 And now…. the moment you’ve … More BOOK 3 COMING SOON!

Melody Hwang

Hi everyone! Today was an amazing day! After church, my family and I attended a concert, where Melody Hwang was singing! My mom first heard about this event through a friend, and honestly speaking, I hadn’t heard any of Ms. Hwang’s songs – I only heard her cover of Rewrite the Stars and it was … More Melody Hwang


GUYS! I’M SO EXCITED!!! My first children’s book, Bibi the Bumblebee, is finally out on Amazon!! XD This book took a LOOOOOONG time to publish…. There were lots of things that were incorrect whenever we tried to submit it, so it always bounced back with a loooooong email telling us about everything we had to … More BIBI THE BUMBLEBEE