New Year Reflections


2020 marks the end of a decade, but also the beginning of a new one. In response, I thought it would be wise to reflect upon what has happened in not just the past year, but the past ten as well.

A lot of things have happened with the coming of 2020. First, I’ve experienced much physical growth (as I’m not a little girl anymore) as well as spiritual and emotional growth. Spiritually, I’ve learned to rely on God a lot more. I’ve learned how to listen closely to the Holy Spirit’s words and watch my surroundings to see God’s fingerprints everywhere in my life. It’s been a very encouraging experience as I’ve realized just how involved God is in my life. Emotionally, I’ve experienced new things as well. Getting into new relationships, I’ve felt emotions I’ve never felt before and run into situations that were harder to navigate than typical friendship issues in school. With the guidance of my parents, I’ve learned to grow from the wisdom of others instead of acting rashly based on my own judgement and grown into a better person.

As for my writing, many things have surfaced. First, I published my first book in the middle of the decade! Everything has been going well ever since. Yes, the challenges have always been there, but this past decade, I’ve conquered the biggest challenge there could be for a writer: letting others read your story. It was very difficult for me to let others see what I’ve been working on, since writing had been more of a private hobby for me initially, but once I learned to show the world what I’m capable of, I’ve been able to reap the blessings that God had in store for me on this journey. I hope to continue to create more stories for my readers to enjoy and continue growing as a writer and a story creator.

Looking forward, this year has many changes in store. I will be entering a new season in life as I make a rare transition towards the end of the year. Beyond that, I will be graduating and that is a milestone altogether. As life progresses, my goal is to never forget who I am, what I enjoy, and what is right. My dreams may change, but if I’m steady in faith, I believe the only places I will go are good places.

May God bless you in the coming new year! May this decade be filled with blessings and joy as you experience more and more of life! 🙂

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